We offer high quality Project management consulting services.

Integrated Management Systems (IMS):

Integrated Management Systems is the further development and integration of segregated and separately focused
management areas, such as Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Project Management, Industry Specific
Requirements. All these requirements are certainly fulfilled. BNCG Services in this is to coordinate these activities
into an Integrated Management System.

Going from the traditional way of treating Quality, Cost & Schedule, Health, Safety & Fire Protection and
Environmental issues in separate departments with little cooperation if any, towards handling these issues together
and in a coordinated way is the key element of our IMS.

Project management consulting services


Once working well, less conflicts of interest between Q, HS&F, E, C&S

Systematic and coordinated Risk Assessment together ensures more
comprehensive Assessment and less surprising issues later

Better coordination and less interruptions



  • Policies, goals, objectives and targets to be met
  • Key elements of functions and systems to be coordinated
    into the Integrated Management System
  • A signed contract or purchase order