Quality Management in BNCG is based upon basic international standards, the most widely used, ISO 9001 series. BNCG is also adapted to adhere to other important schemes, such as IAEA GSR, NQA-1, YVL as examples of important ones.

Lead Auditors are available for these. Our Quality Management Services start from building Quality Management Systems for organizations, projects or parts of these.

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Health and Safety, Environmental Management are one cornerstone of BNCG. Our organization has the knowledge of the building blocks for successful HS Management, Risk Assessment, Legal Requirements and Best Practices.

Backed up with extensive experience from on-site operations. We have good experience from construction, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance.

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Installation is a key phase in any project. The larger and more complex the project the more important is a good control and co-ordination of installation. And, the importance of Inspection services grows with the demand on the projects deliverables.

BNCG´s core competences lays in the field of Installation Supervision and Inspection Services.

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Supplier Audits are increasingly important in business today, due to increased utilization of sub-contractors in engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation through commissioning. It is advisable to audit vertically at some point, throughout the whole supply chain.

In the audit planning BNCG will confirm the scope, the audit criteria and supply the competent audit team to perform the audit. BNCG has a comprehensive concept including procedures and templates for planning, performing and reporting the audit. Follow-up of nonconforming findings, if any, is supported by these procedures.

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BNCG is supporting Project Management providing project managers for projects, subprojects and programs. We also supply advisors and experts for project owners. BNCG offers support for project phases from bidding to project delivery.

Competent Project Managers are not usually abundant, and that´s what makes BNCG Project Management Support valuable. BNCG will ensure that the three cornerstones of a successful project will be respected: resources, time and criteria.

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Owners interest and, in the case of Nuclear Power Plant Projects, responsibility is one of our traditionally main fields of expertise. We have been providing these services in Engineering and Design, at suppliers manufacturing sites and during installation.

BNCG engineers are providing expertise in Quality Assurance (QA) of the Design phase. The service is provided both to the Owner and the Supplier. In both Manufacturing and Installation BNCG has the capability to provide Supervising and Inspection Services.

Our Clients are all players in the NPP field, such as:

  • Owners
  • Turn-key-suppliers / Main Contractors / Consortiums
  • Sub-suppliers
  • Authorities
  • Inspection Organizations

We have an extensive experience in:

We serve our clients in different, comprehensive and wide-ranging tasks – from single expert assignments to turn-key management of
large scopes covering all engineering disciplines.

Applying different Project Management Techniques, advanced Quality Management Methods and Occupational Health & Safety Management Principles to Nuclear Power Plant Projects.

Adequately and continuously identifying and applying the latest IAEA – and other requirements – in NPP industry

Identifying challenges stemming from contractual specifications and agreements from the beginning of the bid phase, to execution and throughout the entire supply chain

Project Management, HSEQ Management, Auditing, Supplier assessments & Supplier chain management etc.