Installation supervision from BNCG with high expertise. Inspection activities are an essential tool as part of a project. It is the final conclusion to manufacturing and installation. Inspection simply is an assessing of whether a component or system is according to pre-set criteria, Yes or No. Still this needs very competent people. BNCG has the competent personnel for inspection of highly critical components and systems.

Manufacturing Inspection and Installation Supervision

When talking about important, valuable and high risk installations it is obvious that top quality throughout is mandatory. To achieve this it has proven useful to add outside, independent operator for Inspection Supervision, including inspection, measuring and monitoring. A BNCG Inspection Engineer provides reliable inspection records of Manufacturing Inspections and Installation Supervisions.

BNCG Installation Supervision Capabilities

Release for Installation

Defined procedures for Release for Installation, defined and implemented. BNCG Manufacturing Inspections and Installation Supervision ensures these are defined and followed. Pre-requisite for installation to start. Includes all needed documentation for installation and inspections to be done.

Manufacturing and Installation Supervision

Installation plan including check-points, hold-points, check lists and records templates as defined in the Installation Documentation.

Installation Inspection and Supervision Reports

Pre-defined reports, including used checklists, and templates for recording witness-points, hold-points and inspections.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

One definition of Quality Assurance is: a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met, whilst Quality Control is broadly defined as: an aggregate of activities (as design analysis and inspection for defects) designed to ensure adequate quality especially in manufactured products. BNCG has the capabilities for providing services in both. BNCG has vast experience in Inspection activities related to manufacturing and installation activities. BNCG Quality Engineers have considerable understanding in Quality Management Systems Consulting and Quality Assurance in large and demanding projects and operations.


Inspections are done by competent; Quality Management Consultants, Procedures, Methods, Equipment, in suitable Facilities.
Clear plans and Reporting
Prompt, proper actions when requirements are not met


  • Description of components, systems, manufacturing methods needing
    Quality Management Consultant made Inspections
  • Time-frame, scale of operations or amount of Inspections to be done
  • A signed contract or purchase order