Supplier Audit is helpful in assessing and establishing the true capabilities of your suppliers. Those already chosen, or those potentials from which to choose. By this you can free resources to focus on your supplier relationships on your strategic level. BNCG performs the audit to suit Your needs by careful planning closely together with you.

Our collaboration: You – Your supplier – BNCG:


BNCG Auditors are competent auditors in the chosen auditing criteria. We have experienced auditors in Quality, Environment and Health & Safety.
BNCG Auditor teams are proven, competent and experts in the field of your suppliers. Experts are invited according to your requirements, as part of the established Supplier Audit Program.


A proven good way to start is with a narrowed, focused Supplier Audit on a supplier needing attention. Please contact us to discuss your needs in Supplier Audits a Supply Chain Management.

To start planning the Program we need:

  • A signed contract or purchase order
  • Relevant parts of the documentations, such as
    parts of he documented management system
  • Relevant requirements to be met
  • Supplier to be audited

Contact us and we will take on the challenge to satisfy and exceed your needs on Supplier Audits.