HSEQ Consulting

1 Policies, Objectives and Targets, Goals

The organization needs to crystallize their policies, set demanding but reachable objectives, targets and goals for Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Fire Protection. For each of these, but have them set in a unidirectional fashion. For this BNCG HSEQ Consulting Services is there to help.

Requirements Identification

Because of the amount of requirements set in legislation alone, it is a tremendous task for a non-expert to sift through these and identify the relevant ones. Expert services is usually recommendable for this task, such as BNCG HSEQ Consulting Services – HSEF Consulting Services. On Site level the implementation needs to consider identification of requirements in every work package, for every employer, supervisor and worker, according to his authority.

Risk Assessment and Prioritization

The basics for successful HSEQ and Fire Protection Management is a comprehensive and systematic Risk Assessment. A successful, comprehensive Risk Assessment calls for a multi-discipline team and a competent team leader. And, without proper prioritization no reasonable Risk Management is possible. On Site level this means making risk assessment for every work, and phase.

Risk Register and Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plans are to be made to each risk identified and prioritized as needed to manage. Risks shall be managed by following prioritization: Delete – Remove – Reduce – Control, using general protective actions before personal protective actions. Multidisciplinary teams may introduce means of deleting and/or removing high-potential risks with simple solutions.

Monitoring and Measuring

Setting up a plan for monitoring and measuring activities for the risks to be managed. Responsibilities, timing and measures to be taken if monitoring or measuring results are out of defined lower or upper levels.

Feed-Back, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

To continuously improve the Risk Management, the HSEQ Consulting is providing for a Feed-Back, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement Process. This according to your own process, or we will define one together.


A comprehensive and systematic approach adapted to the scale and risks inherent in your operations
Competent and internationally experienced HSEQ Consulting professionals available to you
Knowledge of local legislation
Knowledge of relevant requirements to be met
Experience in Site Operations on several levels
Implementation or improvement of a Learning Organization


  • Policies, goals, objectives and targets to be met
  • Definition of the scope of operations to be covered
  • A signed contract or purchase order