Quality management consultant services to all kinds of customer needs. Expectations and requirements for large and complex projects today are posing a very complex set also to the quality aspect. To meet the demand in such projects all disciplines have to be developed through quite comprehensive and systematic approaches. Very few operations are therefore able to meet these demands in depth. Here is where BNCG can step in and be helpful through its HSEQ and HSEF Services. The HSEQ Consultant Service can be delivered in parts, HS, E, Q or F or any combination of these. The Quality Management Consultant Service is uniquely tailored to the customer needs. These needs may be dependent of scale, nature, risks or criticality of the operation.


Setting Policies, Objectives and Goals

Your organization should make clear what their policies are and set ambitious but yet possible goals. Management commitment starts with setting these priorities. Leading the process but involving the organization. Involving also interested parties, at least by discussing with these during the process.

Indentifying Requirements

Requirements set by legislation alone are vast and therefore it is a tremendous task for a non-expert to go through them. In addition it might be difficult to identify which requirements are the relevant ones. We recommend utilizing our Expert services for this task, such as BNCG Quality Management Consulting Services.

Criticalities, Risk Assessment and Prioritization

The basics for any Management System is a comprehensive and systematic Risk Assessment. A successful, comprehensive Risk Assessing calls for a Multi-Discipline team and a capable Team Leader. And, without proper prioritization no reasonable Risk Management is possible.

Risk Register and Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plans are to be made to each identified, prioritized risk. Risks shall be managed by following prioritization: Delete – Remove – Reduce – Control, using general mitigation actions before case specific actions. Multidisciplinary teams may introduce means of deleting and/or removing high-potential risks with simple solutions. Each risk that was not possible to delete or remove has it's own mitigation plan. Plans with goals and targets, responsibilities, time frames and defined actions when objectives and targets are not met. Highly experienced BNCG engineers are available for this.

Monitoring and Measuring

The plans defined for above prioritized risks needs to be monitored. Are the plans followed? Are the goals of the plans achieved? Are the outcomes not achieving the defined goals being treated according to the pre-defined measures? BNCG has the solution for this, backed up from experience in demanding project at different levels.

Feed-Back, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

To continuously improve any Management System, providing Feed-Back, Evaluation for Continuous Improvement is a must. A pre-defined process for this has to be developed. BNCG has extensive experience for this in demanding environment.


A comprehensive and systematic approach adapted to the scale and risks inherent in your operations
Competent and internationally experienced Quality Management Consulting professionals available to you
Knowledge of relevant requirements to be met
Implementation or improvement of a Learning Organization


  • Policies, goals, objectives and targets to be met
  • Definition of the scope of operations to be covered
  • A signed contract or purchase order